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Relayer currently offers two experiences for applications: curated and network integrations. The integration experiences are similar for onboarding, however the curated offering allows applications to both select rewards that Relayer onboards through the network as well as onboard their own advertisers. As the product offer name suggests, offers can be curated to allow applications to display a unique combination of recommendations.

Bespoke integration experiences are available - please reach out to sales@relayer.tech to learn more and tell us about your needs.

Experience Overview

Network: This is a prepackaged integration. Integrate and get started with showing rewards now.

Curated: This is a bespoke integration. Work alongside us to develop a custom implementation.


Display targeted offers to users

Display your own offers to users and invite others to provide offers to your users

Curate the offers your users see


Relayer enables marketers to send targeted offers to pertinent customers. Using Relayer's internal tooling you can quickly set up and get offers live in premium publishing space. Once the offers are live they will be optimized using Relayer's "experimentation to auction" pipeline which ensures that offers are only shown to relevant people. Marketers can better understand how successful their campaigns are through advanced analytics like incremental testing.

Setting up a campaign takes hours instead of weeks, and you'll be able reach your customers quickly after the initial configuration of your campaign parameters.

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