🧱Campaign Structure

A general overview of campaign structure inside Relayer.

Campaign Level

This is the level where the action to be rewarded is set as well as the start date, end date, and budget. Campaigns can contain multiple offer sets. A campaign's end date can be extended, but may not be shortened as this might impact the end user experience.

Offer Set Level

This is the level where targeting is set (segments like new users or existing user). An offer set has only one targeted segment. This segment can be comprised of both inclusion as well as exclusion criteria. For example, a campaign may be targeted to people that have previously purchased a product and have not purchased a competitive brand.

Offer Level

Each offer within an offer set has the same targeting. There can be multiple offers within an offer set. This allows you to test out variations on an offer and determine which one is the best performing offer for that segment.

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