Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information is required to run an offer?

    The information outlined in Campaign Details is what is currently required for a marketing team to run an offer.

  • Can I run an impression based offer?

    No, Relayer focuses on showing people offers that provide them with rewards.

  • What do I pay when I run an offer?

    Campaigns are run using a real time bidding mechanism. This means that Relayer's ad server takes in data to ensure that the most relevant person is shown an offer. Teams that are running an offer input their max bid price as well as the amount that the targeted user is to receive for activating the offer. The total amount paid for every offer that is activated and finalized is the cost to win the auction plus the reward amount. The amount paid will never surpass the maximum bid price.

  • How does the auction work?

    The auction takes the eligible offers, their relevant performance metrics, and the max bid price of each offer into account and then orders the offers accordingly. You only pay the bid price (which will be lower than or equal to your maximum bid) for actions that are completed.

  • How do I pay to run a campaign?

    To run a campaign you will set your start date, end date and campaign budget. Your campaign will run until the end date or until your budget is exhausted. You are able extend your end date or add more budget at any time.

  • How much money does a person receive?

    People will receive the reward amount that an offer pays out up to the max reward per offer. If a reward offers 10% back for any transaction over $10 with a maximum reward of $30 then a transaction of $50 would receive $5 and a transaction of $4000 would receive $30.

  • How does a person activate the offer?

    People must both see the offer as well as activate it in order to perform the action and be paid the reward. Relayer ensures that people are aware of what offers they are able to engage with as this drives brand affinity.

  • When does a customer get paid?

    Usually an offer is paid out within seconds but everyone is paid out within 72 hours of finalizing the offer.

  • How can I track the success of the campaign?

    Teams running campaigns will receive detailed transaction accounts and analytic reports on a weekly cadence.

  • I want my offer to show up on a specific publisher, how do I ensure it appears in their environment?

    Campaigns that are run on Relayer's network are shown across the network in relevant environments. Only people that are in the targeting and experimental set will be shown the offer.

    If a brand is invited to publish by a specific publisher the loaded offers will only show in their environment, not across the network.

  • I want to target people with a specific set of behaviors, how do I set up the campaign to do that?

    Brands are able to do this through setting their campaign details, if the behaviors are a first party segment please reach out to

  • How do you ensure that I'm not paying for fraudulent transactions?

    We take several steps to monitor for fraud and are always working to improve the product experience to ensure advertisers are matched with people that love their brand, not bots. If you have specific concerns please reach out

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