❓Frequently Asked Questions

  • What networks are crypto rewards paid on?

    Relayer currently supports EVM-based chains.

  • What data does Relayer use to show rewards?

    This depends on your application type. For blockchain based applications like cryptocurrency wallets we use a combination of on-chain as well as off-chain data to serve targeted recommendations to users.

  • How is the design of the user experience determined?

    This is up to you and the type of rewards experience you would like to enable. Relayer requires that the reward details and terms are displayed accurately and that wallets opt in to the rewards program.

  • What ongoing maintenance is needed after integration?

    This depends on your integration type. If you are working with us on a curated or custom integration you may need to spend time managing the rewards available to your users through our portal. If there are any changes that you would like to make to the integration or additional functionality that is added in Relayer's API, we'll work with you on the updates to ensure there is no downtime.

  • Does every user see the same offers?

    No, each user sees a list of offers that is pertinent to their historical data as well as their engagement data.

  • What kinds of offers are available?

    The offers available at any given time vary - some common categories are commerce, gaming, DeFi, and NFTs. However, each application will only receive offers that are valid for that particular environment.

  • Is there a dedicated section for offers?

    Yes, within the apps or platforms of each application integrating Relayer, there is a dedicated section exclusively for displaying offers. This section is typically labeled as either β€œSpecial Offers” or β€œFor You.” The purpose of this dedicated area is to provide a centralized and easily accessible location where users can view and interact with the various offers available to them.

  • How many offers are visible?

    Up to 15 offers will be visible at any given time.

  • Is pagination supported?

    At present pagination is not supported. We only show up to 15 offers at any given time so that the user is not overwhelmed with the number of offers.

  • How do I load offers?

    Please go to the Marketer Guides to learn more about how to do this.

  • How do I select offers from the network?

    You are able to select and curate the rewards that appear to your users via your portal if you are utilizing the curated integration option. You are able to select a live offer to load at any time but once you have set it live in your environment you will not be able to remove it until the campaign has ended.

  • How are offers prioritized?

    Offers within the Relayer system are prioritized through a sophisticated recommendation algorithm that takes into account multiple factors to ensure the most relevant and effective reward experiences for each user. These factors include: user data, advertiser requirements, engagement data, the application context and performance feedback.

  • How often are offers updated?

    Offers within the Relayer system are updated on a frequent and dynamic cadence, designed to adapt to the ever-changing environment and user preferences. This regular updating process ensures that the offers remain relevant, engaging, and timely for users.

  • I want to run an offer to my users, how can I do this?

    You are able to do this through signing up for Relayer's curated experience.

  • What currency will I be paid in?

    This depends on your integration with Relayer. If you are a cryptocurrency wallet application you will be paid in stablecoin or you may be paid in dollars.

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