🖊️Campaign Details

The general details for what is needed to set a campaign live are below. To run a campaign - please reach out to sales@relayer.tech

  • Brand Name

    The name of the brand that wants to run an offer.

  • Action To Reward

    These actions will depend on the context of the offer. Generally, in a wallet environment the action may consist of a trade, purchase, transfer, etc.

  • Start Date and End Date The date the offer is available to be rewarded upon is the start date. The end date can be extended.

  • Budget Spending limit for the offer.

  • Target Group The target audience can consist of multiple conditions - both inclusion as well as exclusion criteria.

  • Reward Type The reward type is typically either a flat amount (such as $5 back on a transaction above $15) or a percentage back (such as 10% back).

  • Reward Amount This is the amount that the user will receive. For percentage offers you are able to set a maximum back amount.

  • Bid Amount The bid amount is the price you are willing to pay per action. This amount is a variable in determining your competitiveness in the auction against other offers. Your placement in the auction will also be contextualized with your relevancy scores. If your campaign is highly relevant and engaging to your target audience, you will likely not pay your max bid price per action.

  • Media Assets These are the creative materials used in the campaign, such as banners, videos, or any other visual content that will be displayed. The assets needed will depend on the application environments your offer is placed in

After providing these details via the portal the campaign will be able to be set live. For any assistance prior, during, or after a campaign please reach out to support@relayer.tech

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