🏁Quickstart Checklist

Relayer offers tools that streamline the process for getting your integration across the line. The key pieces of data that will be passed to Relayer are:

  • Wallet addresses

    • This data is used for tracking enrollment as rewards are provided on an opt-in basis

  • Engagement information

    • This data is used to ensure offers are activated as well as optimize conversions.

Relayer uses the data passed to us to in turn pass your users their recommended offers.

Estimated time to integrate is dependent upon your configuration but we typically expect it to take about 3 weeks to integrate per environment.

Pre-Launch Checklist

Prior to launching your tailored offer experience via the curated or network solution, Relayer will work closely with you to review that your application is functioning correctly within our test environment and fully integrated with Relayer’s recommendation system.

Relayer currently supports EVM-based chains.

Below are specific application use cases we’ll be checking for:

Additional checks:

Relayer’s wallet API is designed to handle the majority of this functionality, allowing you to focus on creating an interface that is best suited for the rest of your existing application.

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